Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Piranha Killer Sushi is--well--Killer

I love Sushi. LOVE IT. Could eat Sushi every night. So I was thrilled to get an invitation to a pre-opening evening at the new Piranha Killer Sushi in downtown Austin. Thank you Austin Monthly!

FULL DISCLAIMER: For this event the food bill was on the house. Yes, on the house. Which means McJazz and I had an evening of "all you can eat" sushi. And not the local China Buffet sushi quality either.

First, let me say that the house was packed to the gills. We sat at the sushi bar and were able to experience the chefs creating those killer specialty rolls. Much like a choregraphed dance routine, the sushi guys (for lack of a better term right now) were rockin-n-rollin' that rice and fish. The hostess/front of house was fantastic and the waiter was overwhelmed, but good.

At the sushi bar we got an up close look at an array of fish. (The picture above is the sushi bar case). It all looked and tasted super fresh. Since they were slammed at the sushi bar, we started with an order of edamame and then moved on to our very own Signature RollFest. We chose the following:
  • Crunchy Tuna Roll : panko crusted roll with tuna, avocado & scallions

  • Wasabi Crusted Salmon Roll - panko crusted roll with salmon, cream cheese & scallions
  • Vietnamese Summer Roll - salmon, tuna, crab, greens, mango & asparagus wrapped with rice paper
I was STUFFED after sharing those three rolls. All were fantastic, but I really enjoyed the Vietnamese Summer Roll. Light, fresh and sitting in nice sweet/spicy sauce (See pic above).

Then we noticed the group next to us eating an ahi tuna dish that looked amazing. It was the Tuna Tataki over Ponzu & Chives. Best. Ever. Seriously. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Light sauce and the ponzu/chives combo was perfect. I generally don't go for standard sashimi, so this was a treat. I would go back to Piranha for just the tataki and a glass of wine.

Great night. Great sushi. Great Sushi Guys. Amazing Tuna Tataki.

Piranha opened last week for regular business. Located next to Max's Wine Dive on San Jacinto.

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  1. Can't WAIT to try it out!! Awesome review! xo, mac

  2. I look forward to visisting Piranha when we get back to Austin. Thanks for the heads up, Cyn. Nice review.

  3. Jealous! I was also invited but couldn't attend due to work deal (where I also stuffed myself with great food). Sounds like I'll be going to Piranha soon!